Me following 'In the Steps of HV Morton' in Ephesus, Turkey, 2010 (though lacking his suave sophistication).

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A view of Glastonbury Tor, a place of significance since the bronze age

The picturesque Dungavel Hill at sunset in the borders of Scotland


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I have been a member of the HV Morton society since 2005 having enjoyed his works for a few years prior to joining. My name is Niall Taylor and I am a general practitioner veterinary surgeon in a mixed practice in Somerset, in the South West of England.  

I am Scottish, originally from the Kingdom of Fife although during my school years, I lived with my family in many different parts of Scotland and England. I qualified from Edinburgh University vet school in 1982 and have worked in various locations in the Westcountry of England ever since. I am married to Alison and have the best two children in the world, Thomas and Charlotte.

One of my chief interests has always been books and reading and I am never happier than when rooting round a second hand book shop or library. I particularly enjoy browsing the book section in charity shops - the joy of finding the occasional gem is amazing, my first HV Morton book was bought in just such a shop.

With the increasing numbers of such shops in existence at the moment this can be somewhat tiresome for my family and during shopping trips they have been known to go to great lengths to distract me while walking past Oxfam or Cancer Reseach outlets.

I enjoy a wide variety of genres from popular history to biographies to science fiction but there are very few authors who have 'got under my skin' in the way that Morton has.

JRR Tolkein and CS Lewis would probably be the only other authors that I have felt it important to get to know as well.

I hope you enjoy the web site and find it useful and perhaps feel inspired to find out more about HV Morton if you haven't already done so. The site gives something of my own feelings about the man which I know not everyone may be in agreement with - it would be a very boring world if everyone was the same. Suggestions and comments about the site are always welcome; if you would like to contact me please drop me an email, I would love to hear from you.

Niall Taylor 2013