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Joining the HV Morton Society:

A few words before you send your membership request...

What is the HV Morton society?

We a friendly and informal group of admirers of HV Morton, nothing more, nothing less. We are entirely internet based, with no rules (other than an adherence to courteous exchange), no constitution, no office holders, no formal meetings and no membership fees.

Bulletins and copyright:

Once your membership has been accepted I will sign you up to the HV Morton Google Group. Society bulletins are sent at intervals, via this group, to members by the coordinator (that's me at the moment!). Members with any items of interest of relevance to Morton are able to submit them to me; they will then be edited into house-style and re-distributed as bulletins to members for their enjoyment and comment. These bulletins are pretty much the raison d'etre of the society. All correspondence is checked for viruses but obviously nothing is perfect and you should always make sure your own anti-virus software is up to date.

Eventually, many bulletins will be published either in the password protected, members-only, section of the website or, more publicly, on the blog.


Email addresses:

Members are encouraged to communicate with each other directly via email. When new members are introduced to the rest of the society their email address and any biographical information provided are circulated in a welcome bulletin to allow others to get in touch direct.

Additionally the email address of any member who contributes material for bulletins will be included at the end of the piece so that members receiving it can submit comments on what are often the end result of considerable hard work and research.

This encourages a spirit of openness between members and to the best of my knowledge has never been abused. In fact, as a result of this policy, over the years there are a number of members who have become firm internet friends.

No member's email address will ever be given by the coordinator to anyone outside the society and none are ever posted on our website or blog.


Your request for membership:

When you click the link below to apply to join the society you will be sending an email to the society address. Occasionally spam filters object to the type of bulk mailings sent to members so it might help to smooth the way if you could copy this address, once it appears at the top of your email, to your contacts list before your membership is confirmed.

Please include in your request for membership your region or city and country of residence as well as a paragraph or two about yourself, how you first discovered HV Morton, what you particularly enjoy about him, that sort of thing. It's good to have some details which will serve as an introduction to the rest of the members.

Finally thank you in advance for joining and a warm welcome to the HV Morton Society!

Niall Taylor 03 February 2017

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